Kajol Pressing her Boobs



33 Responses to “Kajol Pressing her Boobs”

  1. i love kajol she is my favourite actress and there is nothing wrong with holdin her boobs she looks lovily.reply

  2. oh she is my favourite, and the way she stand oh its nothing like that , she always looks lovely

  3. i think she have a big tits that why she pressing her boob

  4. oh my god i love kojal i wish i can see her one time in nearly nothing with her Boobs and nothin withe her hand she is gorges

  5. Isha Ahmed Says:

    As for me i love her the she is, not for any thing easy.she love her culter,no need for her to show out her boobs,it is not part of their culter.sorry if i am worng.

  6. i love kajol her boobs are very strong in the bollywood industry

  7. she is so so beautiful

  8. mrunal01 Says:

    kajol ke hath mai purse hai jara dhyan se dekhiye yeh picture ko yeh ankho ka dokha hai jo sabko galat dikh raha hai

  9. mrunal01 Says:

    she hold her purse nothing else

  10. She looks very beautiful by holding her boobs

  11. I just love kajol, mostly her sexy face n boobs…

  12. i love you

  13. i love kajol she looks beautiful when pressing her boobs she is so sex

  14. oh my god! i can’t believe that he puch her boobs
    oh i lve u kajol very much !!! can i puch the her boobs very tight!!!!!!!111

  15. My good….what a sexy scene…

  16. kajol are very sexy.her boobs are so big& milki.i love kajol boobs.

  17. hi u r so hot i like u so much

  18. Yashapreet Says:

    I’m wearing a bra right now and my breast’s are showing hard out!! I’m so hot that kajol is nothing compared to me!

  19. i also think that she is holding her purse

  20. really i want to see her boooooooooooooooob.

  21. nothing wrong in this.it is style!!!

  22. i love it

  23. I she has got good b00bs but she is not satisfied and comparing with some other actress boobs.

  24. i want to sleep with her

  25. i want to press her boobs and sleep with her

  26. kajol boobs r twisty n soft iajy u care her boobs

  27. umapathy Says:

    hai dear how r u .what r u doing.

  28. her boobs are very nise i want to drink your milk please agree kajol has big boobs

  29. kajol is so beatifull

  30. u r one type of history………..

    who know how to push own balls….

    perfect example for 21st century……

    i luv u kajol………

  31. Ajay must be drinking sweet honey cream milk every day

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